The Truth about Our Generation

We are tech-savvy, purpose seeking, stressed, music loving, mindful, weed smoking, thrill seeking, hashtag speaking, wanderlust souls.

We are offsprings of the counter-culture that brought great innovators such as Steve jobs, Elon musk and Richard Branson. A generation filled with hundreds of 20 something millionaires that have redefined success and what it takes to get there.

A generation that has given a new understanding to being connected. Our lives seem to be more connected than ever yet we are more emotionally disconnected than our grandparents could have ever imagined. We are a mobile generation where freedom = happiness and the word “corporate” scares the shit out of us. We are a generation of unemployment, massive student loans and globalization, where those who don’t adapt fall behind and those who do adapt, compete.

We are a beautiful complex generation and the deteriorating world is in our hands. That’s one hell of a responsibility don’t you think? Hence the stressed part. Shit. Sorry I don’t like to be negative. Let’s shift this.

We are a generation of unlimited information and opportunity. We are a generation that can virtually teach ourselves almost anything. We are mobile and adaptive. We are a generation that is learning the power of compassion and embracing creativity. We are a generation moved by doing what’s right for the greater good, we are a generation of utilitarism.

Wonderful! So now what?

It’s our time. Our choice to do something, anything! Our choice to recycle, to inspire, to teach, to help, to support, to be proactive, to be involved! It’s our chance and our responsibility to create the world we want for the future generation. It’s our chance to make our mark on the world (small or large.) It’s also our chance to learn, experience and grow as humans so as to understand how to make the biggest and best impact we individually and collaboratively can!

We are a generation that is capable, creative, connected and powerful. So the question is: What part will you take as a human of your generation?

That’s it. Contemplation for ya. Peace out. ✌🏼