Founded on the premise that we should work in what we're passionate about. The best outcomes come from genuine interest in the work being done. 


We are Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs that are experts in our respective fields and have a strong affinity towards health and wellness. 


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Sole-Founder / Master Collaborator


Alexis Irias
Founder, Digital & Brand Strategist

I'm pairing my 7+ years marketing experience with my passion and natural affinity towards health and wellness.

Growing up my entrepreneurial mother and grandmother always ventured in the health and wellness space owning businesses such as gyms, spas, skin care lines, and even a holistic cafe. Not only do I have this industry naturally engrained in who I've become, but I've also first hand experienced the healing that comes from a wellness state of mind and being. I am an advocate for alternative medicine practices, a practicing yogi; and a student of Buddhism.

Early in my professional career, I started working with a variety of different startups within the health and fitness space. I participated in a technology incubator where I prototyped a mobile application for a fitness and lifestyle brand, and dove deep into the world of startups and business development. I've since further developed my skills within a variety of industries including the financial, education, and technology sector. 

I've come to discover that the most creative and best quality work comes from working within your passion. It's taken me a couple of years to fine-tune how to apply this understanding directly to my work and from that has come Ava Digital. I am pairing my 7+ years expertise with my passion for health and wellness along with a network of experts in different fields to develop creative strategies to help businesses like yours flourish!


Alexis is a very smart and focused marketing professional who did a phenomenal job for me around online advertising, creative, managing the near-shore development team as well content development and social media account management. She is an incredibly talented individual and an asset to any organization.
— Chris Harrison, CTO of Nova Southeastern University

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