Hi, I'm Alexis Irias

Some people call me Lex, I dig it.


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Alexis Irias
Product Development   |   Digital & Brand Strategist

Growing up my entrepreneurial mother and grandmother were always finding new and fun ventures to pursue. A lot of these were in the health and wellness space, they owned businesses such as gyms, spas, skin care lines, clothing boutiques and restaurants. Not only do I have the entrepreneurship naturally engrained in who I've become, but I also grew up with a wellness-focused lifestyle. 

Early in my professional career, I started working with a variety of different startups within the health and fitness space. I participated in a technology incubator where I prototyped a mobile application for a fitness and lifestyle brand, and dove deep into the world of startups and business development. I've since further developed my skills within a variety of industries including the financial, education, and technology sector. 

I've discovered that the most creative and best quality work come from working within your passion.

I am now looking for an opportunity where I can provide value based on my wide-range of experiences in the startup and tech space as well as my passion for making a positive impact.


Alexis is a very smart and focused marketing professional who did a phenomenal job for me around online advertising, creative, managing the near-shore development team as well content development and social media account management. She is an incredibly talented individual and an asset to any organization.
— Chris Harrison, CTO of Nova Southeastern University

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